About Us

About Our Pet Veterinary Clinic

Beach Road Vets has been caring for the Pets of Papamoa since 1995. Our principal vet Brett has been here since September 1997.

We are committed to providing an effective, affordable, personal & caring veterinary service for our patients & their owners. To achieve this, we operate from premises purposefully designed with the welfare of your pet in mind.

Our Papamoa vets provide a comprehensive companion animal service including medical, radiographical & surgical facilities.

We are also available to help maintain your pets good health with pet care advice and preventative veterinary medicine.

BeachRoadVet Pet Veterinary Staff

Meet Our Papamoa Vet Team

Veterinarian and Director Brett Kirkland

Brett Kirkland (BVSc MSc)


Hi I’m Brett the Vet. I’ve been a veterinarian for over 30 years now. I started out in Auckland, had a 3 year stint in Whangarei where I was also VP of the local SPCA. I went for the typical kiwi OE to the UK where I worked for three years. Over there I worked on a snake, treated a tarantula and even had fish brought into the clinic. After returning to my favourite country, I worked in emergency clinics for a year until I found a small clinic for sale. My first visit to Papamoa was to look at Beach Road Vets, my second visit in 1997 was to move in and I have been here ever since. I currently have 2 dogs – Yuki the Japanese Spitz (cutest dog in the world) & Seth the non – golden (white) Retriever (who makes me do the retrieving), three cats who started out as strays, 4 chinchilla’s and a psychopathic turtle named aggro – who may be older than me.

Veterinary Nurse Janine


Veterinary nurse

Hi! I’m Janine, aka J9. I have been a Veterinary nurse since graduating in 2003 from Bay of Plenty Polytechnic. I grew up on a vast drystock station in the heart of the King Country, where my passion for animal care began. Much to my parent’s dismay, I developed Ellie May Clampett tendencies, & would often be found with frogs, kittens, birds, rodents (& anything else that would fit) in my pockets or insects in jars/containers, as my “pets”, along with certain farm animals smuggled inside to sit on the couch to watch T.V. Subsequently, we ended up with 27 cats at one time because “they followed me home”.

My experience as a vet nurse has been hugely rewarding, with previous opportunity to rescue & rehome various critters, assisting in surgery & general practice. I have worked at a few different practices, large & small, but always find myself coming back to Papamoa, where my four beautiful daughters are happiest. I love the diversity of the role as a vet nurse, from Midwife to hairdresser & everything in between. Overall, being in the pet veterinary clinic is like a box of chocolates; you never know what you’re goin’ get.

Veterinary Nurse Kate


Veterinary nurse

Having been an animal lover and growing up with pets all through my life, naturally I was drawn to working with animals. After qualifying in 2008, I worked in Auckland in between starting my family. After moving to stunning Papamoa, we expanded our family further and now have 2 kids and many fur-kids. I love working with animals and their owners, making sure they all feel comfortable in whatever procedure we are undertaking – from nail clips to vaccinations, to anaesthetic procedures, and everything in between. I look forward to helping you and your fur family.

Veterinary Nurse Shannon


Veterinary nurse

Hi, I’m Shannon.  I graduated in 2014 with my Level 5 Certificate in Veterinary Nursing from the Bay of Plenty Polytechnic.  I have been working for Brett at Beach Road Vets ever since!! (pretty much) I have lived in beautiful Pukehina for a few years with my hubby, a couple of kids and my pets!  I can often be found down at the beach walking my two dogs (and sometimes the cat too). I love my job, especially the surgical side, but also being able to talk to clients in a practical and ‘to the point’ way that they can understand.  After all we are all in this to see the best outcome for our animals.

There is always something new to learn/teach and someone new to meet/help and a pocket full of treats because there is nothing wrong with a little bribery and corruption along the way ?   You never know what the day is going to throw at you in a pet veterinary clinic!  I look forward to meeting your fur babies and holding their hand as they go through whatever experience they are having when they visit us next.

Head nurse and practice manager Jane and Veterinarian Sue


Head nurse and practice manager

Jane (on the right) has worked at Beach Road Vets for over 15 years as Head Nurse and practise manager. She is currently AWOL in the Manawatu with her family but don’t be surprised if she reappears at some stage!



Sue (on the left) is a veterinarian who worked in the same clinic with Brett last century! Many of the approaches to our job were heavily influenced by the kindly old Scottish Veterinarian we worked for early in our careers. Sue locums when Brett is AWOL and brings a wealth of valuable experience to our clinic.